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Chapter 15

Waiting on the world to change?


The word “change” can be scary for some. When folks see the word change, they react to it defensively—some get offended by the very notion that they should change at all. But here’s the deal: you don’t have to be doing a bad job at work to create a personal case for change. Having a personal case for change will help keep you motivated, focused, and will even inspire others to do the same. Let’s get started.

Group 2
A Personal Case for Change-1

Personal Case For Change Guide

This downloadable PDF showcases how to create your own personal case for change, and includes a little inspiration from the authors of Love as a Business Strategy to get you started.

Companion Podcast

In this episode, we try to get you to think differently about a simple concept. What makes a good mentor? What role should mentorship play in our lives? What’s the right way to mentor someone, or to be mentored? We dive into all of these things and share about the role that LOVE plays in all of it.