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More Processes Won’t Solve Your Company’s People Problems

When faced with challenges, most businesses try to solve them by adding in more processes. 

For years, we at Softway, a B2E solutions company, were no different. And yet for every new bit of process we added, our results didn’t change. Sales didn’t improve and engagement didn’t increase—if anything, our results got worse.

Our processes looked sound on paper. In application, however, all we had built was a pressure cooker. As team members fell further behind, we put up more and more barriers to execution. We couldn’t see how we were setting our team members up for failure.

And if your company’s solution to problems is more processes, you might be doing the same. My suggestion is this: remember that real, living and breathing people do the work.

Think about the environment you’re creating for your team members. Have empathy for them and the work you’re asking them to do. Chances are that you don’t have a process problem, you have a people problem. If people don’t feel empowered to do their jobs, you’re still going to have issues.

So treat your people with respect and give them support, and you’ll find your real solutions.