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People Drive Your Company's Outcomes

Today’s business world loves to collect data and crunch numbers. It’s true, data gives you the background you need to be confident about your decisions. But at the end of the day, it’s not data that drives business outcomes, it’s people. Data alone shouldn’t drive your decisions because the numbers won’t tell the whole story. They’re only one piece of the equation.

Behind every number, behind every metric, are the people who create them. People are the biggest driver of business sustainability—period. If you want to move the needle, then go back to the behaviors you want to see. Consider how you can invest in your people to create your ideal outcomes.

For example, let’s say you want your team to feel ready to work on an international trip. You might bump them all to business class on their flight over. Or maybe you want to create high-performing teams. Then you’d want to teach your teams how to build trusting relationships.If you want repeat business, serve your teams so they can serve your customer.

In almost every case, the investment will be worth it because it galvanizes one important truth: When your people feel taken care of, they’re empowered to do their best.