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Shift Your Company Culture from Greed to Love

Too many leaders focus on one thing only: profits. Profitability is important, of course, but when it’s the sole driver, culture suffers. You end up with a culture of greed when, for long-term success, you want a culture of love. A culture of greed means leadership doesn’t think about the employee experience. It’s sweeping problems under the rug instead of talking about them. It’s excluding people and enforcing a hierarchy. It’s treating colleagues with a lack of respect and trust. And it means putting profits before the needs and wellbeing of others.

Negative or positive, your company culture is defined by these everyday behaviors. If these problems sound familiar, how do you fix them? Fortunately, if a culture of greed is defined by individual behaviors, so is a culture of love. Shifting your company culture starts with individual efforts and behaviors: Doing things out of care for others, embracing hard conversations, and being inclusive. It means creating a workplace environment where people feel secure and supported. To be clear, a culture of love doesn’t require ignoring profits. Quite the opposite: love means building processes and policies that align people with profit.

In a positive culture of love, both the company and employees succeed together.