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What is Love as a Business Strategy?

In 2015, our business to employee (B2E) solutions company was on the verge of bankruptcy. A result of my selfish attitude, our company culture had become toxic and needed an overhaul. So we adopted love as a business strategy, and it saved our company.

What exactly is love as a business strategy? First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Love as a business strategy has nothing to do with office romance. I’m not encouraging you to invite an HR dumpster fire to your organization. Instead, love as a business strategy means creating a culture of love and support. Quite simply, it involves putting people at the center of your work. And building a workplace that prioritizes and values humanity. It means concentrating on profits and people, too.

Many organizations put little thought into the environment they create for their employees. Which often results in an indifferent or even toxic culture. Instead, you want your people to feel included, heard, and safe to speak their minds. In a culture of love and empathy, they'll be empowered to do their best work. For us, a culture transformation tripled our business’s revenue and made us profitable again. That’s the power of putting love at the center of your business strategy.

Imagine what it can do for your company.