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3 Principles of Servant Leadership

Servant leaders go out of their way to support their employees. They build trust, spearhead culture initiatives, and get to know their people. They can also win loyalty and inspire tremendous effort, and it starts with these three principles.

Principle #1: Put others’ needs first.

Many leaders put their needs above their employees’; servant leaders do the opposite. This requires asking questions, engaging with people, and uncovering problems.

In this way, servant leaders don’t react to issues, they’re the first ones trying to solve them.

Principle #2: Be humble and practice gratitude.

Servant leaders must also be humble enough to learn, and vulnerable enough to apologise. They go all-in on gratitude and make sure their employees know they’re appreciated.

Above all, they know when to turn down their own mic and listen to others.

Principle #3: Do not ask others to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.

Before a servant leader asks someone to do something, they’re prepared to do it themselves. They put themselves on the same level as employees and treat everyone with respect.

By adopting these principles, you’ll show your employees that you sincerely value them. In turn, they’ll be willing to go above and beyond to help the company succeed.