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Human Resources’ Top Tips on Hiring for Success

If your company struggles with retention and employee satisfaction, you’ve probably asked: “What can we do to create a more unified, aligned, and motivated workforce?"

The solution to your problem starts when potential new hires first walk through your door. You want to adopt a hiring process that better identifies the right people for your company. That means removing some of the automation and making the process personal.

First, I recommend preparing candidates for the interview. After all, the goal of the interview is to get a feel for the person, not give them a pop quiz. Have a recruiter call the candidate and tell them everything they can expect. Inform them about each leader and team member they’ll be interviewing with.

Next, take a team approach to the interviews, rather than relying on a single hiring manager. You want the relevant teams to meet the candidates who might eventually work with them.

Once the interviews have concluded, get the entire team together to discuss. Check to see whether anyone felt uncomfortable at any point in the conversation. You’d be surprised how many candidates never make eye contact with a particular person.

Follow these tips, and you’ll ensure that any new hire adds to your culture, not detracts from it.