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Empowering Your Team Members with New Responsibilities

Empowering a team member isn’t about putting someone in charge and then ignoring them. It’s about setting them up for success.

To do that, here’s what you should ask yourself before giving a teammate a new responsibility.

First, ask yourself, “Have I given this person everything they need to succeed?” This should not only include the resources they’ll use, but also the outcomes you expect. Because without goals, they’ll have no direction.

Next, ask yourself, “Have I given them coaching?” To help them thrive, take the time to mentor them in their new role. Tell them the things you wished you knew when you were in their position.

Also, ask yourself, “Am I removing obstacles?” Taking on a new responsibility is hard enough without added problems, so try to clear their path. Deal with potential roadblocks before they become issues.

Lastly, ask yourself, “Do I respect their decisions, even when they inconvenience me?” You might not always agree with your teammate’s choices.

But if you’re giving this person a new responsibility, do so from a place of trust. Remain engaged and available without micromanaging the process.

Ask yourself these questions and consider your answers. If you feel good about them, your team member is ready for more responsibility.