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Don't be an Apathetic Manager–Be an Empathetic Leader

As a leader, how often do you turn off your mic and turn up the volume on everyone else? That’s a defining behavior of an empathetic leader who inspires others to do their best. And if you’re not empathetic, you might be its harmful opposite: apathetic.

What does an apathetic manager look like? Imagine you’ve fallen into a hole and you’re shouting for help. Eventually, someone comes along, but instead of helping you climb out, they say: “What are you doing? Get out—there’s work to do!” Not only do they refuse to help, but they also fail to even recognize that you’re struggling.

In the workplace, you can spot apathetic managers from a mile away. They’re the ones who always demand that you put your feelings aside and get your work done. An apathetic manager has no place in a supportive company culture. So how should you lead to get the best results from your team? Strive to lead with empathy.

That means understanding and sharing the emotional experience that someone else is having. If an employee is in a metaphorical hole, jump in with them and find a way to climb out together. As an empathetic leader, not only do you help your team perform to their full potential. But you also inspire their trust, both of which are key to your business’s long-term success.