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Are You a Flyer, Fighter, or Influencer?


Each of us has an attitude that shows others how we think and react. Do we run, argue, or problem solve when faced with a challenge? Depending on which attitude you have, you could be helping a situation—or making it worse. There are three essential attitudes: the Flyer, the Fighter, or the Influencer.

As the name implies, the Flyer reacts to a fight-or-flight situation with flight. The Flyer may have the power or authority to be more proactive. But, instead, they choose to avoid the situation, complain, or adopt an attitude of victimhood.

The next attitude, the Fighter, takes a more aggressive stance. The Fighter is afraid of looking bad, and instead of addressing problems, they deflect them. According to the Fighter, whenever something goes wrong, it’s someone else’s fault.

Lastly, we have the Influencer attitude, which arises from a problem-solving mindset. The Influencer approaches situations with curiosity, not conflict. They seek feedback from their team on how to best approach a problem. Above all, they view problems as opportunities for growth, not catastrophes.

Strive to adopt the Influencer attitude, and you’ll start seeing better outcomes right away.