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How to Practice Vulnerability in the Workplace

Vulnerability in the workplace isn’t all about describing your deepest, darkest secrets. It can simply be about sharing your emotional state and your current situation with others. Often, opening up to colleagues in this way can be the secret ingredient to better collaboration. So how can you learn to practice vulnerability around your colleagues?

Sometimes, vulnerability is as simple as saying: “I’m sorry, I’m not in a good headspace right now. Can you handle this while I decompress?” Making this request and stepping away can save you and your team from avoidable problems. Because we all occasionally find ourselves distracted by the things weighing on our minds. If you try to power through these moments, you won’t be doing your best work. You’ll be focused on your own problems instead of the task at hand. However, by allowing yourself to be vulnerable and ask for help, you can refocus.

You might worry that showing vulnerability will be perceived as a weakness. But you’ll likely find that it actually reinforces trust and empathy from your team. Emulate good behavior and show others that it’s okay to be vulnerable. And everyone will be better equipped to deal with their distractions.