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6 Signs That You're Leading With a Fixed Mindset

As a leader, you either see your company with a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. A growth mindset helps your business expand, while a fixed mindset holds you back. Here are six signs that you might be doing the latter.

Sign #1 of a fixed mindset is fear: you worry that you can’t do your job properly. As a result, you may be unwilling to try new things.

Sign #2 is guilt and shame: a single failure overshadows previous successes. These feelings keep you from moving forward.

Sign #3 is persecution: it’s you against the world. You feel like you’re in competition with everyone around you.

Sign #4, you see business through a lens of scarcity: the success of others is a threat to you. The more they have and achieve, the less is available to you.

Sign #5, you pass judgment: you constantly judge others and feel judged. If someone makes a mistake, you don’t forget or forgive.

Sign #6, you’re inflexible: once you’ve made a judgment, that’s it. You will forever see that person or situation the same.

If these signs describe you, try to practice their opposites. When you adopt a growth mindset, you’ll see business opportunities, not limitations.